Chrismas in summer! Saturday midmorning, I was just getting home, still in my 4 inch heels. A look into the letterbox: a note from the postman that he delivered my parcel to the comic shop next door. I tottered over fast as I could: it was my summer surprise from curryhuhn!

As soon as I was home, I ripped the package open:

A beautiful cigarcase contained the goodies from Austria.

Linzer Kuchen was in it, twiglets, nougat (unfortunately a bit molten by the heat), liqueur. like a mozart kugel, marinade to grill chicken: some carnivore will have to use it next time we go and grill 😉
And: home made jam – marille – which is a bit like apricot but not quite. I am sorry, I couldn’t find an exact translation.

My parcel is on its way to Spain, to Gemma. I hope that it will be well received in the next few days!

Oh, and for the Christmas part: on that same Saturday Onkel Mattel returned from Central Asia and brought me some glittery cloth. Somewhere there is magpie in my ancestry: I loved it!

And many thanks to cooksister for hosting the event!